12 Midwest Law Firms Honored by LegalShield for Outstanding Performance and Service

LegalShield, one of North America’s leading providers of affordable
legal plans and the IDShield identity theft solution for individuals,
families and small businesses, is holding its annual We Are LegalShield
Convention this week at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City. At
this year’s event, LegalShield’s experienced, new and aspiring
Independent Sales Associates from all 50 states and Canada have come
together to engage with motivating speakers, get specialized
professional development training and benefit from rare networking

LegalShield has a network of dedicated provider law firms that employ
over 1,000 attorneys with an average of 22 years experience. In 2017
alone, providers received 1,833,905 requests for services, thus saving
or recovering for LegalShield members approximately $33 million.

Today, Keri Norris, Senior Vice President of Regulatory Compliance and
Chief Legal Officer, and Lori Owens, Senior Director Provider Services,
honored law firms and attorneys with awards for superior performance and
customer service. LegalShield and its provider law firms have the
industry’s highest standard of service and satisfaction as the only
legal services provider that holds its firms and attorneys directly
accountable through member surveys, ratings and feedback. After every
interaction with a LegalShield lawyer, members are asked to rate their
experience, which generates a Net Promoter Score (NPS). The average NPS
for LegalShield is 56, putting the company on par with brands like
Samsung, TurboTax and Apple iPad/iPhone.

“Dedicated and client-focused law firms are the bedrock to our mission
of providing affordable and equal access to legal services for all,”
said Bell. “With over 1,000 provider attorneys in 50 states and four
Canadian provinces, LegalShield is able to provide legal protection to
1,751,456 members, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year when a
member’s rights, freedoms or liberties are threatened.”

This year’s recipients from the Midwest are listed below.

  • Award of Excellence, Golden Twist W/Silver Fill Award: This is the
    most prestigious annual award. It considers money saved and collected
    per capita, NPS and compliance to produce a cumulative score for 2018.
    One large and one small law firm that have the best overall
    performance across all award categories receive this award.

    • Morrow, Poppe, Watermeier & Lonowski, P.C. (NE)
  • Difference Maker, Distinction Award: This category recognizes the
    firms that saved and/or recovered their members the most money per
    membership base.

    • Smart Schofield Shorter P.C. (UT/WY)
  • Outstanding Service Award, Blue Shadow: This award defines exceptional
    quality service. The recipients consistently receive excellent monthly
    reports in all areas of performance and quality and meet all service

    • Robinson, Kriger & McCallum (ME)
  • Individual Member’s Choice, Culmination Indigo: This category honors
    an individual attorney from the provider law firm who holds the
    highest NPS score ration to the number of surveys received.

    • Jerome Lubelchek, Shimanovsky & Moscardini, LLP (IL)
    • Joel Thorp, O’Koon Hintermeister, PLLC (IN)
    • Bobbie Riling, Riling, Burkhead & Nitcher, CHTD (KS)
    • Faith Stover, Powers Chapman (MI)
    • Mark Eekhoff, Wagner, Falconer & Judd, LTD (MN)
    • Linda Brown-Reed, Dubail Judge (MO)
    • Zora Frith, The Anderson Law Firm, LLC (MS)
    • Kammey Mahowald, Wagner, Falconer & Judd, LTD (ND)
    • Scott Tollefsen, Morrow, Poppe, Watermeier & Lonowski, P.C. (NE)
    • Donald Andrews, Maguire Schneider Hassay LLP (OH)
    • Scott Byrd, Riggs, Abney, Neal, Turpen, Orbison & Lewis, P.C. (OK)
    • Robert Carlson, Wagner, Falconer & Judd, LTD (SD)
    • Alyson Johnson, Smart Schofield Shorter P.C. (UT)
    • Richard Lilly, Wagner, Falconer & Judd, LTD (WI)

About LegalShield

A pioneer in the democratization of affordable access to legal
protection, LegalShield is one of North America’s leading providers of
legal safeguards and protection against identity theft for individuals,
families and small businesses. The 45-year-old company has more than
1,751,000 members that are covered by its legal and identity theft
plans. IDShield provides identity theft protection to one million
individuals. LegalShield and IDShield serve more than 141,000
businesses. Both legal and identity theft plans start for less than $25
per month.

LegalShield’s legal plans provide access to attorneys with an average of
22 years of experience in areas such as family matters, estate planning,
financial and business issues, consumer protection, tax, real estate,
benefits disputes and auto/driving issues. Unlike other legal plans or
do-it-yourself websites, LegalShield has dedicated law firms in 50
states and four provinces in Canada that members can call for help
without having to worry about high hourly rates.

IDShield provides identity monitoring and restoration services and is
the only identity theft protection company armed with a team of licensed
private investigators on call to restore a member’s identity.

For more information, call press and corporate relations at 580-436-1234.

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