Career options available for young law graduates in India

National Law School and various other law schools in India are offering 5-year law courses after class XII. Some of these schools have created a great reputation for themselves with their alumni working for top law firms and MNCs. The opportunities available for graduates from any of the top law schools of India are phenomenal.

the legal profession was majorly limited to criminal and civil
litigation, however, with the country’s economy moving at a faster
pace in the positive direction, there is now a huge demand for highly
skilled lawyers in fields like banking & finance, infrastructure,
debt restructuring, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions,
international and domestic law firms etc.

of the common areas where these graduates can find rewarding offers are:


of the most famous international law firms visit Indian law schools
for campus interviews year after year like Clifford Chance, Allen and
Overy, Herbert Smith etc. A contract with one of these international
law firms is not only rewarding but also a great training and
learning experience for young law graduates.

Consulting and

is a huge list of consulting and advisory companies both Indian and
international. These companies visit law school campuses every year
to hire the best talent. They are the biggest source of placement for
top law schools of India. Top Indian law firms like Amarchand
Mangaldas, Luthra and Luthra, Nishit Desai Associates and many more
firms are regularly hiring best talent.

Legal departments of MNCs and corporate

all MNCs and corporate houses have their own legal departments;
Companies like Tata, Reliance, Wipro, Infosys, Proctor & Gamble,
and PepsiCo etc. Government sector banks like SBI, Union Bank of
India, Central Bank of India, private and MNC banks like ICICI, HDFC,
Citibank, American Express, Insurance companies, Telecom companies
like Bharti Airtel, Idea, Vodafone etc. hire law
as corporate legal advisers
or associates in their legal team, these teams do not only look at
regular company affairs but also work on complex matters like mergers
and acquisitions,
restructuring with banks and institutions.

Legal process outsourcing

is a relatively new source of employment for law graduates. This
segment of legal work has grown rapidly in the last eight to ten
years, these firms hire law graduates to work on projects for
attorneys in USA and UK. Attorneys in developed countries like to
outsource part of their work to be completed by very talented team of
lawyers sitting at offshore locations.


NGOs is India take up complex tasks and thus have to get through tons of
legal formalities; these could be related to various legal
permissions, approvals, financing, distribution etc. The NGOs hire
law graduates in their team to ensure they get their legal
formalities completed by in-house lawyers at a fast pace and in a
cost effective manner.

Opportunity for higher studies in

law graduates
from top universities also opt for higher studies in top universities
in USA, Canada and UK; this can lead them to a highly rewarding
career with International and domestic law

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