Churches Prepare for Security Changes Under New Law

A church security seminar was held at North Pointe Baptist Church in Hurst on Saturday by Sheepdog Seminars.

The seminar went over the new law, SB 2065, that will go into effect on September 1st. Under that law, churches will be able to arm members of their own congregation, rather than hire private security firms.

It also provided hands-on training to attendees, educating them on everything from how to spot suspicious activity to how to apply a tourniquet to one who has been victimized.

Jimmy Meeks, a retired Hurst police officer and church security expert, led the seminar.

He said this is just the beginning of ongoing training that will be provided.

“We’re just in a violent season right now, and the churches just need to be prepared. Protect your people, love them enough to protect them. That’s our motive,” Meeks said.

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