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Whether you are a new law firm or an established one, much of your time will be spent generating business and using law firm marketing teams and strategies.

I have been helping lawyers for over 25 years. I get a thrill out of meeting new attorneys and building long lasting relationships.”

— Mary Ann Fasanella, Founder

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, January 30, 2018 / — It’s 2018 and the year has just begun, but now you should have a strategy for concentrating on finding new clients for the firm

Whether you are a new law firm or an established one, the bulk of your time will be spent generating business. This involves law firm marketing, in which you will become a marketing expert. I am sure you are wondering why I brought up marketing. Every business needs to have a marketer (or marketing team) to ensure the business achieves its goals.

This happens can happen in a number of ways, and the end result is more business or at least leads. If you are an introvert, you’re going to have to change in order to build your book of business. Generating business may seem like a lot of work, but it’s easier than you think.

Tips for Finding New Clients

The key to getting new clients is to let people know you are a problem solver. But how do you let them know who you are and where do you find clients? The best place to start is with who you know and then branch out.
Helping friends and family. This may seem obvious, but at some point in their lives, they will need a lawyer or legal advice.

They can spread the word about you and your firm. Since they know you, they will speak genuinely about you and how you helped them. After all, word-of-mouth is the best kind of advertising – and it’s free.

Make a contact list. In order to do this, it’s helpful to carry a notebook with you. Take note of everyone you do business with, such as your dry cleaner, mechanic, and barista. You should also note everyone you meet on a daily basis, such as lawyers, neighbors, judges … etc. There’s always an opportunity to network. You should keep them apprised of what you are doing. Treat everyone as if they are a potential client!

Talk about your work. When you are enthusiastic about your work, people will notice and become interested in your work as well. They will see you as an expert. And everyone wants to boast they know an expert in a particular field. Ways to talk about your work (and law firm) include holding seminars, writing articles and airing a podcast.

In addition to being interested in your work, you also need to understand people’s problems, and not just listen to them. This is an issue for many lawyers. Taking the time to understand them will make you a better lawyer. In return, people will trust you, which creates a comfortable atmosphere.

Practice what you preach. If you claim to be an honest lawyer, then you need to follow through on it – and not just at work. You should be the lawyer that you want representing you; an attorney who has your best interest at heart and will tell you exactly what is going on as if you were a family member.

Study marketing. You should read books, view videos and sign up for online marketing classes. Creating a digital footprint is now a key element of law firm marketing. This means that you need to create quality content for your website (including a blog page) and use social media to start a discussion and bring traffic to your website.

Putting reviews/testimonials on your website is another form of word-of-mouth advertising. Other forms of digital marketing include pay-per-click campaigns, SEO best practices and online marketplaces and platforms. Don’t forget about advertising! Print, tv, and radio are still viable ways to promote your law firm.

Go to events.

You should go to events to network, especially where other lawyers will be. Also, joining a club, an organization or a charity are great opportunities to connect with people.

Let people know you are there. It’s good to keep in touch with others by sending emails, making phone calls and forwarding articles.

Partner with professionals. You can team up with other professionals, such as doctors, realtors and insurance brokers to establish an alliance.

Specialize. When you specialize in a practice area, people will find out and refer clients to you.
Buy Leads. You can also buy leads, which can be very expensive. A lead is a person who has a legal issue and could potentially become one of your clients.

We Specialize in Lawyer Marketing

Generating new clients is what keeps your law firm in business. This means that you will need to wear many hats: marketer, salesperson, and lawyer. If you have a large book of business keeping you busy, that’s great.

If you don’t, Advisory Concept Evolvers will give your law firm the marketing and business help it needs to build a large client list. We also provide legal research and medical records services. For over 25 years, we have become a fixture in the Philadelphia legal arena, helping law firms of all sizes achieve marketing success. Watch for our recent interview on NewsWorld, where we share many attorney successes.

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