Finnish Law Firm Borenius Replaces Adobe PDF products with pdfDocs from DocsCorp

DocsCorp (,
a leading provider of document productivity tools, today announced that
Borenius, one of the largest law firms in Finland, has deployed pdfDocs
across all of their offices. The firm had been using a combination of
pdfDocs, Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat but chose to retain only pdfDocs
to provide better PDF editing options for all of its employees.

Borenius provides full-scale business law solutions in Finland, Russia,
and New York and employs more than 200 people. The firm needed to
standardize its PDF applications across all users and offices so they
initiated an examination of available tools on the market. After a
thorough assessment of available options, they chose pdfDocs to simplify
implementation without sacrificing on capability.

For many years, Borenius already had a small number of pdfDocs licenses
for binder production. The firm now uses pdfDocs as its default tool for
PDF creation, editing, collation, and distribution enterprise-wide.

”I’m very happy to announce that we will strengthen our relationship
with DocsCorp, and provide full-scale PDF software for all of our
employees to increase productivity and quality in particular with
unified tools. DocsCorp is a knowledgeable partner, and our cooperation
has already created additional improvements to pdfDocs in the form of
new features and functionalities,” said Niko Jakobsson, Borenius’
Development Director.

Ben Mitchell, Vice President of DocsCorp EMEA, said, “We are
delighted that Borenius has recognised the significant value that
pdfDocs delivers. DocsCorp is consistently investing to ensure pdfDocs
works best for professional services sector workers and it is great to
see yet another firm put the application into production.”


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