ForLawFirmsOnly.NET announces launch of a Cash Discount Merchant Account Program designed specifically for law firms.

With a cash discount program, law firms would be able to eliminate 95 percent of their processing fees by the addition of customer service fee on all sales.

MECHANICSBURG, PA, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2018 / — Linda Donnelly, President and CEO of ForLawFirmsOnly.NET announces the launch of a Cash Discount Merchant Account Program designed specifically for law firms.

“Cash Discount Merchant Accounts for Law Firms, saving Law Firms thousands of dollars ONE swipe at a time” says Linda Donnelly, President and CEO ForLawFirmsOnly.NET

By implementing our Cash Discount program you are now able to keep nearly 100% of your revenue and reverse the process of merchant processing fees. This “Cash Discount Program” will offset the cost of almost all processing fees. If you are ready to eliminate thousands in processing fees then this is for you.

Why should you pay to get paid? It doesn’t make sense that as the owner of a law firm you have to pay high processing fees to accept payments for the services you provide. Merchant processing fees reduce your bottom line and our Cash Discount Processing program will eliminate most of those fees immediately.

How does your law firm eliminate the fees? By offering a “Cash Discount” program you are giving your customers an instant discount when paying with cash. Due to changes in card network rules, merchants have the option of charging a different price for cash vs. credit purchases. This has allowed us to customize a special Cash Discount Program to offset merchant processing fees eliminating up to 95% of Processing cost.

How does the cash discount program work? A client decides to use a credit card for your services. Because they are not paying by cash they are not given a “Cash Discount” price, therefore paying the additional 4% higher than cash pay. This example demonstrates a 4.0% Cash Discount difference (ex. Product Price=$10.40, Cash Discount Price=$10). Credit purchase is $10.40 or 4.0% higher. Your Cash Discount terminal is programmed with special software that seamlessly adds 4% to offset your processing cost. We provide equipment for free or you are able to use a virtual terminal – Your Choice.

For More information about the Cash Discount Program for Law Firms call (800) 322-1339 or email Info@ForLawFirmsOnly.NET. Visit us on the web at www.ForLawFirmsOnly.NET

Linda K Donnelly
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