Hinshaw Launches New Consulting and Coaching Services Focused on the Business and Management of Law Firms

Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP announced today that it has launched a Consultants and Coaches for the Profession Practice™. The new practice will focus on helping law firm leaders address complex business- and management-related challenges and opportunities involved in effectively managing their firms.

Chicago-based partner Donald L. Mrozek – who served as Hinshaw’s chairman from 1989-2015 – will lead the practice. Under his watch, Hinshaw grew from a small Chicago-area law firm to a national firm with 25 offices, approximately 500 attorneys and more than $225 million in revenues.

The team will include members of Hinshaw’s leading Lawyers for the Profession® Practice, including nationally recognized partners Anthony E. Davis, Janis M. Meyer and J. Richard Supple Jr. They have decades of experience serving as trusted advisors to firms of various size and complexity, including many AmLaw200 firms.

The firm’s new services complement and add a more business- and management-focused perspective to its existing services for law firms. The many areas on which the group will help clients range from effective leadership techniques to firm expansion, contraction and combinations to motivating lawyers to work together in an increasingly competitive environment to succession planning.

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