Kabul Law Firm Achieves Highest Ranking In Asia

A Kabul based law firm, Kakar Advocates, has achieved top-class international recognition in Asia for its services. 
The “2018 Asia-Pacific Guide” title has been given to the Afghan firm for the second year, Kakar Advocates said in a statement Saturday. The global research directory, Chambers and Partners awarded the title to the firm.
In the Afghanistan category of the directory, five other firms are recognized, with two in Band 1 and three others, including Shajjan and Advocates, in Band 2.
Chambers and Partners are well known worldwide for its authoritative legal directory, publishing seven regional guides every year that cover 185 jurisdictions.
The directory has said that Kakar Advocates has “solid expertise across sectors such as aviation, telecommunications and mining”.
According to the Chamber and Partners, Rosenstock Legal Services is in the same category as Kakar Advocates. The firm provides services in Kabul and worldwide.
Other firms including Afghanistan Lawyers International, RIAALAW Barker Gillette AFG, and Shajjan and Associates are in the Band 2 of the ranking. 
Law firms play a critical role for businesses in Afghanistan, where bureaucracy and corruption remain key challenges for this sector.

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