Law firms are offering their service to Manchester terror attack victims for free

A number of Manchester firms are offering their services for free to victims of the Manchester terror attack.

Manchester Law Society has been co-ordinating a pro bono advice rota and has already had an uptake of 93 firms.

Majority of the firms are from the city region but Manchester Law Society said they have had practices from Merseyside, Sheffield and a large firm from London also offer their services.

Fran Eccles-Bech, MLS chief executive said: “We are looking for firms who are willing to give pro bono advice and free representation to bereaved families to assist with criminal injury claims and inquests.

“We are also looking for firms willing to give pro bono advice to seriously injured people to assist with CICA claims.”

Other areas that may require legal advice include: administration of estates, property ownership/mortgage, insurance, welfare benefits, family/child custody, death in service/pension, financial obligations and debt.

Fran said: “It is appreciated that there may come a time when a particular issue, for example a complex contested probate litigation, might need to handled on a non pro bono basis.

“However we do believe that in the early to medium term the approach of member firms should be totally pro bono.

“A priority area for early advice is likely to be compensation to which the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme may apply.

“This aspect is especially appropriate for pro bono help throughout as it will be important for bereaved families and injured victims to receive 100 per cent compensation.”

She added: “Within the first hour of putting our appeal out, we had 64 firms sign up.

“Manchester’s professionals want to to do their bit to help out in the aftermath of the atrocious attack at the Arena and this is their way of helping.”

Firms who want to offer their services can contact

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