Legal plays to upskill UniFiji law students

Update: 1:20PM THE School of Law (SoL) at the University of Fiji will produce legal plays annually to encourage students to learn more than just technical skills but to become accomplished performers.

Dean of SoL, Professor Shaista Shameem in a statement said
that legal education is much more that what is delivered in classrooms.

“We provide our students with a broader education assists
them to conduct themselves well not only in law firms and government
departments, but also in the community in whatever job they find themselves
after graduation,” she stated.

She further said that litigation requires confidence and a
keen appreciation of theatre.

“Producing a play annually is not about teaching the
students how to use language to best effect, or learning how to memorise. We
deliberately choose plays which allow students to explore certain legal values,
concepts and themes. We would like our students, whether it is performance and
plays or as the audience, to learn that understanding the law is more than just
acquisition of technical competence,” she added.

This new project by SoL is expected unify legal technical competence
and experience with legal values to impart legal to its students.

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