Logikcull and Clio, Industry Leaders, Team Up to Give Law Firms an Edge in Uncertain Times

Logikcull, the San Francisco-based technology company that helps
attorneys find evidence faster and protect client information by
automating data intensive tasks, today announced that it has partnered
with Clio
to help attorneys grow their practices even as legal professionals are
squeezed by increased competition.

Clio is the legal industry’s leading cloud-based practice management
platform, now integrates with Logikcull.com allowing customers to easily
map the details of their cases to Logikcull’s Discovery Automation
platform. When legal professional using Clio encounter discovery in
their matters, as is increasingly the case, they will be able to
seamlessly drag and drop those files, such as email and documents, into
Logikcull to be quickly searched, reviewed and shared.

The announcement brings together two industry leaders of the legal cloud
and comes at an inflection point for the legal profession. As the volume
of information involved in legal disputes grows, attorneys are
struggling to provide affordable services to their clients who are
increasingly tasked with wading through huge amounts of electronic
evidence. However, embracing efficient discovery solutions also provides
law firms an opportunity to bolster practices by capturing billable work
that would otherwise be vended out. Logikcull, which is known for its
ease of use and affordability, addresses both the problem and the

“The cloud is the great equalizer for firms that are struggling to deal
with the crippling costs and risks associated with discovery, and to
distinguish themselves as the legal industry evolves,” said Logikcull
CEO Andy Wilson. “We’re excited to work with Clio to help give
forward-thinking firms an upper hand.”

Partnership joins leaders of legal cloud

The partnership, which was announced at Clio
Cloud Conference 2017, joins two of the most innovative companies in
the legal technology space.

Logikcull, whose mission is to democratize discovery, is the leading
provider of Discovery Automation, which legal and compliance
professionals use to quickly find and review information subject to
disputes, such as eDiscovery, internal investigations and subpoena
response. These processes are traditionally vendor-driven, complex and
incredibly expensive and risky. Logikcull’s goal is to make them
intuitive, affordable and secure.

Its integration with Clio will make it easier for lawyers who are
leveraging the cloud to work more efficiently and securely take on
larger cases and bigger clients — and capture more billable work in the

To learn more, visit Logikcull.com/clio
or sign up for a free Logikcull account at logikcull.com/sign-up.

About Logikcull

Based in San Francisco, Logikcull is the leading provider of Discovery
Automation software. It is the only pure cloud-based solution for
searching and sharing of information in litigation, investigations, due
diligence, and M&A, and has become known for its powerfully simple
platform that can be used by anyone anywhere at any time, affordably and
securely. Its customers include Salesforce, the City of New York and
hundreds of leading law firms.

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