Mankato personal injury law firms to merge January 1st

Changes are coming for two Mankato personal injury law firms.

Frentz and Frentz Law Offices partner and Minnesota State Senator Nick Frentz announced that, “Our firm is merging with the Maschka, Riedy, and Ries firm to form Maschka, Riedy, Ries, and Frentz.”

The merger is a direct result of his work in the legislature, and Frentz said, “After serving in the Senate for a year, you come to realize what it takes time-wise and it takes a ton. I love it, and I’m proud to serve our area, but the merger will allow me greater flexibility with my schedule. In particular, when we’re in session and I need to be in St. Paul for a few months each year.”

Frentz said clients will see the greatest benefit, “The clients we both represent now and the clients we will represent in the future. It’s a chance to put two great personal injury practices together, benefit from the ways we do things, work together. They have a lot of great lawyers up there and I’m looking forward to joining them.”

As of January first, the Maschka, Riedy, Ries, and Frentz firm will operate out of the MRR location on St. Andrews Drive, and the Frentz and Frentz offices downtown will close.

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