Most law firms open on weekends in UK

LONDON: The law firms in Britain operate on weekends as well as on bank holidays and even provide services at home on request.

A debate started in Pakistan on Thursday if law firms in the UK carry out their business on weekends or not after the JIT report said in its observations that the “Trust Deed” between Maryam and Hussain Nawaz could be bogus because it was signed on February 4, 2006 on a weekend.

Research shows that almost all firms offer weekend services and this has been the case for many decades and all big and small firms open their offices when needed. Not only law firms but all banks, general practitioners, private doctors and officers of lawyers and solicitors work on weekends. Most law firms are closed on Sundays but services can be provided on Sunday depending on nature of work between a client and his lawyer.

Lawyers work throughout the week on court cases and even round the clock and that’s a standard practice.Britain’s most popular bank Barclays remains open on high streets on Saturday and other banks such as Lloyds TSB, Santander and others remain open on Saturdays and Metro Bank is open on Sundays as well until 8:00pm.

Law firms advertise on their website that they are available seven days a week and even have mobile phone numbers advertised for 24/7 contact. These contacts are promoted and advertised because a client can need assistance at any minute and law firms vie to get clients for all sorts of cases.

For some law firms, while they have skeleton staff working on weekends, they have trained and professional barristers and lawyers present for round-the-clock representations.Pakistan High Commission in London and Pakistan missions across the UK are available to facilitate urgent visas and verifications on weekends when needed.

A cursory look at the website of law firms show that law firms are in tough competition with one another to offer weekend services.One law firm says on its website: “We promise to make ourselves available to you on Saturdays. We know that taking time off work to see a solicitor can be awkward. It can often be inconvenient. Lunch-hours are never long enough to do all you need to do. Assuming you can take a full hour that is. People tell us this is one of their biggest frustrations with lawyers — they’re never available when you are.”

Another law firm says: “Saturday is a normal day for us. We provide weekend and out-of-hours service.”Another law firm advertises on its website: “We are open between 9.00am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday, however we can be flexible with earlier or later appointments by prior arrangement. A Notary Public is available over the weekends: Saturday and Sunday.”


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