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Happy hump day the 2nd week into the qtr Farmers Ranchers, Speculators and Ethanol producers,

Title was a WTTW gig last night on a few 1924 schi’ster’s that seems to reflect this FBI hypocrisy, Trump vs Hilary emails. Dont use the cloud folks. I was in the FBI soybean 1988 sting investigation ehen they did same thing to 65 Members showing up at my associates guns drawn. Total take was $265k off mem. Peanuts. This can get ugly still. Revolt ugly. Swamp ain’t leavin. This is exactly like the FBI sting in 88. These guys have Bulger ties?

I want to throw out a Great Call posted here IF in timely fashion yest., by another Trader here at Walsh, John Lunney whom absolutely nailed it on his terminal comment in Lumber, timberrrr because today Lumber fell limit down.

Hats off to Lunney who is looking for opportunity athat is beyond sharp in this authors book. If youre an Elliotition, he is your man. Only one better is Paul Tudor in my opinion. Open a 2nd account if that is your style. When our stuff collides like yesterday. It can be powerful. Neither of us are here to double money in futures. More. Lumber, New high stop but this was also a 3 diamond day. Today broke the pattern at 13, a very lucky number in conditions I track, chart and spell out. Bonds had a 1 diamond and it has been straight up, now posting a 7. A pre diamond alert because what does using the rear view mirror do? Nothing and that is neither John or I. Open it with both of us as your broker. I dont care. We love this game and offer added value at a very reasonable cost for the expertise we add.

Corn- Two days ago and I kid you not I ran into a floor option trader/ broker. This guy says to me $8.00 CORN ! Nice guy but a little idiosa to me. Cant get over $4.00? Corn top pickers? Only the student is short corn, watch 394.5. Small lookout under for longs.

News next week when S C breaks? Yeah the crop is good. The olive seller gives a rats a about weather either, for now anyway.

Comments at bottom and they are live

Was yesterday my beans cave title? Surprise ending maybe. Good weather break? They have to fool a new generation.

Crude oil has setup today. We ain’t staying here 65.75-ish long.

Option Pro setup sent out this am. This is live and I bet everyone is bullish. If not, call for the 1min. Trade. You take it like kwn 5.47 or take a pass.

I do advise people not to make trades. I do not look at that as lost commission. I look at it keeping my clients healthy because these situations are sold by a few new outfits. I provide it for free. Are you serious that I can’t live giving you color, you have never heard, for most?

Look individual operators, this is to you. (Ask about why cattle #’s too low)

You rancher’s/farmer’s,

that go it, yourself. The ones with the balls to be,

their own guy.

This HFT high frequency trading will eat you alive if youre not careful. In December I said corn and wheat were speculative investments because of the 1,000 money managers, indexed AG funds would have 10’$ of thousands of grains to buy in 2018. I pounded the table back then which is rare. This is not made up. This is the real deal.

due to my early inflation theme that paid in spades in merely 4 months in meal, beans, wheat all of them, and corn back then the despised long) trade suggested. Is was out of favor but how do you get paid big? Playing the trend.

Confession- that’s not the way I traded. I call it a behavioral defect and it can haunt us, the few real traders out there left.

Take the Chicago trading pits that were beyond belief to go into work everyday looking back. I being a soybean pit bull

would know every trend line, tl that if I only got it to hold once, over, the buy stops would flood and then it was game on buying the next highest price alerting grain farmers the mkt was in buy mode. It was great but too depressing, enough.

Point is, pit population went from 15,000 people to about 300 today.

That bulls-eye is on your back. Automated olive algos are in play. I bring ?? hours a year with AI artificial intelligence along with pattern recognition to you, my client. You may get a chart with levels that ranchers in this case have picked up on in months, fast.

They realize that at my levels they can take a shot that is educated speculation based off this fractal methodology explained in simple terms, easy rules due to stops and a little guts to buy 9.07 beans when guys said a seven dollar soybean was in cards.

Fthat. Look at KC up $1.40, spank 90c, up 80, or CC, 18- 26.50 two of my levels.

If you buy kwn 4.76 1/4 and it rallies $1000,feel free to sell it because this olive algo of mine goes back just to stop out last long giving up. This is behavioral science and you think someone, PhD type cares about fundamentals?

Mute the News! I have rounded the corner on how Bloomberg hypes mkts at certain times.

Aluminum up 3% again today? Its happening now.

All this panic and chaos is about to hit mkts as I have said since last year.

This is a huge shift that hasn’t happened in decades. Trust me, traders have had a lost decade.

Individual farmers are next. Repatriation money offered for your operation will be too much to ignore.

It will also be the low for the next cycle for commodity inflation. Sure things will go up 40% like we have seen everywhere mentioned previously. We will also see bear raids that come out of nowhere.

If your broker doesn’t think like a trader how the hell is he/she going to make you money?

I will give you my word or bond that I will give you as big a chance to pull some coin when my levels are exact which means we risk 30 to make 200. At least if situations are right. You may only get 250 and we set back or collapse like how I tried to detail that JBS orcastrated blowout low tick month, qtr end. Thats the color you get from me. I dont know anything is going to hold.

I do know that if you dont get stopped out, you score and the scores have been $5,000moves in everything I have talked about this last month let alone long term.

I appreciate the call in’s even when you know its slow. I am busy here but looking to serve your risk needs with good location level I can teach anyone. That is different deal of course. A brain drain of this trader that can spot low risk high impact levels.

But you always get stopped out?

How many hours do you study price patterns a day?

A R Palmer

Cattle and Feeder lotto tiks available. KWN 5.28.5 tiny olb, 5.33, 5.37 for traders today.

Crude had an OLS this am slightly higher 65.74. It was LOW of Day my chart. What is the quality of your data? How much do you pay. Tech kid pays a few hundred and says it is junk, not like my data. He is going to bring scale to clients.

Cattle can explode higher over levels cited in my opinion.

KC wheat trying to storm back. Corn look out below. Stop over 4.01 which is 2% inflation cieling for now, base later.

Buy your meat lotto tiks now? Let me cut you a deal on options, cheap because I want you to play. I can usually over the years be able to pull a few like KWN 650calls at 1 3/8s a lotto ticket rancher took up and they went to 10cents offer. I can find those, my levels.

Feeders as of todays close, on up tick, someone bought 500 last 3. Its a start and to me it looks possibly explosive over just a few levels here. 140.90, 140.87 and 140.o5 could be a very powerful apex that we may have closed a smidge over. Lock and load

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