Pakistan blacklists N Korea’s firms, institutions to comply with US sanctions

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has blacklisted North Korea’s firms, institutions and individuals as well as two Russian based firms for curbing its weapon programmes in order to comply with the sanctions imposed by the United States of America (USA) unilaterally.

An official letter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Strategic Export Control Division sent out to law enforcing agencies including Financial Monitoring Unit (FMU), SBP, FIA, FBR, Ministry of Commerce and intelligence agencies, a copy of which is available with The News, states that the list of DPRK linked entities/individuals placed under sanctions by the US unilaterally. 

“These additional sanctions prohibit engaging in transaction with the designated entities/individuals,” the official instructions sent out to the FBR and other agencies states.

The relevant authorities may please be instructed to be vigilant and exercise due diligence, the official letter further states. Now the relevant agencies have instructed all authorities posted at entry and exit points of the country to remain vigilant related to these imposed sanctions by the USA on North Korea.

The blacklisted entities included Ardis-Bearings LLC Kang which, it said, is based in Moscow, and its director, Igor Aleksandrovich Michurin, for acting as a supplier to a North Korean trading company allegedly involved in the country’s missile and weapons of mass destruction programmes.

Another Russian firm, Independent Petroleum Company, and a subsidiary were blacklisted for signing a contract to provide oil to North Korea and shipping over $1 million worth of petroleum products.

Another company which has been blacklisted through US sanctions included the Korea Kuryonggang Trading Corporation, AKA Korea Tangun Trading Corporation, the Korea Taeryonggang Trading Corporation Dalian China, which is based in North Korea, Songi Trading Company based in North Korea, Independent Petroleum Limited based in Russia and name of Ao NNK-Primornefteproduct and Korea Zing Industrial Group, KIM Nam Ung, Korea Computer Center, RL Song Hyok, Korea People Army, Ministry of People’s Armed Forces, State Affairs Commission and Kim Su Wang who is male with date of birth on August 18, 1976.

The United States had blacklisted these companies, public sector entities and Russian firms in June this year 2017. It included nine companies and government institutions, including two Russian firms, and three people for their support of North Korea’s weapons programs.

Russia had rejected the US allegations saying Moscow was alarmed by the US decision to sanction a Russian citizen and firms over alleged connections to North Korea. The United States was making all-out efforts for slowing down North Korea’s arm development programme.

After receiving official instructions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has now directed its Customs officials based in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad to comply with the orders for taking necessary actions.


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