Rainey Collins Lawyers Paves Way for Win-Win Legal Solutions Across Multiple Law Specialties

Rainey Collins Lawyers Paves Way for Win-Win Legal Solutions Across Multiple Law Specialties

Although most people are unlikely to be in a situation serious enough to warrant the regular services of a lawyer, you may be surprised to know the wide range of assistance that a legal firm can offer.

Rainey Collins Lawyers provide a professional service, offering advice and support on a range of legal issues. As a firm comprising debt collection lawyers, barristers and solicitors, they have a highly successful track record and undertake a wide range cases.

A Legal Service that Cares

As one of the top employment lawyers in Wellington, Rainey Collins Lawyers have particular expertise in employment law and a thorough knowledge of recent legislation, including the Construction Contracts Act, and the Public Works Act.

With over 95 years of experience, the firm has helped countless clients throughout New Zealand, consistently providing service of the highest quality.

The Only Legal Shield You Need

The strength of Rainey Collins Lawyers is their size:  with their full armoury of expert attorneys they can confidently tackle a far wider range of cases than smaller firms.

Rainey Collins Lawyers can help you with the following issues:

  • Asset Protection — they protect estates, trusts, wills and properties to ensure you and your family’s long-term financial security.
  • Building Industry — they help builders, developers, security holders, property owners and property companies to prepare contractual documentation that complies with the Construction Contracts Act.
  • Business and E-commerce — they assist clients to establish and successfully maintain their companies, trusts or other business entities and assist them with their business operations.
  • Charitable Institutions — they aid charitable and religious institutions with issues relating to their structure, trading activities, employment problems or leases.
  • Commercial Law — they provide practical advice on commercial contracts, which includes the drafting and negotiating process.
  • Contracting — they advise on all stages of the contract life-cycle, from the planning stage to the negotiation of terms and conditions.
  • Debt Recovery — they offer debt recovery services for all clients, whether individuals or businesses. 
  • Divorce Law — they advise divorcees on their rights and on the best course of action for them.
  • Education — they handle a range of issues for public and private educational organisations, including employment and discipline matters.  
  • Employment — they assist both employers and employees with employment problems such as employment rights, contract disputes, performance issues and personal grievance.
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney — they set up the necessary documents to enable you to appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf if you are unable (or unavailable) to do so yourself.
  • Family — they address family legal issues including adoption, divorce and domestic violence.
  • Governance and Management — they advise both private sector and government clients on issues of governance and management of asset development.
  • Insurance — they handle civil claims, mediations, claims management and debt collection.
  • Intellectual Property — they help with issues of Intellectual Property including its transfer when buying or selling a business.
  • Litigation — they act for individuals and organisations in the debt collection, medical, education, employment and insurance fields, as well as representing the Maori community and the charity sector.
  • Maori Legal Issues — they provide clear, practical and cost-effective advice to deal with legal issues that arise in the Maori community or relate to it.
  • Medical — they provide legal help in coroner’s hearings, criminal cases, Health and Disability Commissioner Investigations and Health Practitioner Disciplinary Tribunal hearings.
  • Property Sale and Purchase (Conveyancing) — They assist clients to buy and sell property, whether for personal use or for investment purposes.
  • Public Law — they help ensure that businesses conform to all public policy, rules and regulations.
  • Trusts — they set up family trusts and assist with the transfer of assets.
  • Unit Titles — they advise on all disputes relating to unit title properties for both the buying and selling party.
  • Will: writing — they draft or modify Last Will and Testaments, offering full confidentiality.
  • Will: challenging — they guide clients through the process of contesting a Last Will and Testament and offer advice on the grounds for changing a provision.

For more information, contact Rainey Collins Lawyers at 04-473 6850 today.

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