Timeshare companies declare war on cancellation firms

Raleigh-Durham area resident Alicia Alston has a tale of woe about a recent timeshare contract she and her family members signed May 20 — and want out of.

They chased an offer of free tickets to an aquarium when vacationing in Myrtle Beach recently. They wound up at a sales center for Wyndham Vacation Ownership timeshare properties. Alston, 32, is desperate to cancel. But she’s also worried about people offering to help her cancel it — some of whom want additional money up front. And she is not alone.

Several timeshare companies have declared war on attorneys and businesses that advertise timeshare cancellation services.

Over the past month, four timeshare companies have filed multiple lawsuits against several timeshare cancellation firms, including three suits against the Tennessee firm of Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips, the Castle Law Group.

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