6,297 siege-related complaints handed to international law firms

The Compensation Claims Committee (CCC) has transferred around 6,297 complaints from individuals and companies affected by the ongoing blockade on Qatar to international law firms.
The Committee last week received complaints from companies specialised in IT and software and were depending on contract agreements with companies in the siege countries. Also, it received complaints from people lost their animals and properties in the siege countries.
According to recent figures, there are 161 students who lodged complaints with the Committee as they were affected by the blockade and cannot continue their studies.  Also there are 769 complaints from residents who lost their properties in siege countries and 1,165 complaints are related to different other issues.
The Committee was formed to protect people’s rights after the siege imposed on Qatar. Last week, the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC), transfered 800 complaints to CCC and the total complaints received from the NHRC reached 3,745. Qatar Chamber also transferred 30 complaints from companies last week to the CCC and the total complaints transfered reached more than 296. The Chamber is in the process to transfer more cases. The Committee has archived about 5,000 complaints electronically. In the first weeks when the committee started receiving people affected by the siege, most cases were of the people who had lost their animals and investments in the siege countries.

The Committee is still receiving complaints at its headquarters at the first floor of Al Nakheel Tower. Earlier, the Committee was headquartered at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center.
The siege has violated the rights of people to travel, their right to education, work, and residency and also separated families. Hundreds of shipments for individuals and local companies were seized in the UAE.
Statistics issued earlier said that there were more than 22,000 camels and other livestock seized in Saudi Arabia. The siege was imposed by three GCC countries on Qatar on June 5. The siege has separated families and violated the rights of people to travel, their right to education, work, and residency.

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