Baton Rouge’s Kologik buys CopSync for $2.4 million, enlarges law enforcement data network

Kologik, a Baton Rouge-based software developer that specializes in products for law enforcement, has acquired the assets of COPSync, a Dallas firm with its own data-sharing network, for $2.4 million through a bankruptcy court sale.

The combination of these two firms creates a regional law enforcement data sharing network that will span Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, Kologik said. 

“Simply put, this acquisition will make the ‘in-the-car’ technology unlike anything available to law enforcement in the past,” said Kologik Chief Executive Officer Matthew Teague. “The stack of technologies that these two companies offer will dramatically increase the size of any network of data currently being accessed by local or regional law enforcement today.”

Kologik’s patented technology allows officers to access more than 700 local and state databases, seven federal databases as well as all 50 state Computerized Criminal History and Department of Motor Vehicle databases. The COPsync System is comprised of more than 820 U.S. law enforcement agencies and courts using the network’s real-time information sharing and cross-jurisdictional communication capabilities.

Baton Rouge’s Kologik acquires Murphy Technologies of Mandeville

Kologik was formed with the assets of Thinkstream, a tech firm that provided software to hundreds of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in Louisiana and elsewhere. Thinkstream was laboring under more than $22 million in debt when creditors forced the tech firm into bankruptcy in May 2015. Thinkstream Acquisition LLC bought Thinkstream’s assets in December 2015 and rebranded the company as Kologik.

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