Executive Lounge: Ace Ankomah talks law, business in Ghana

Managing partner of Bentsi Enchill, Letsa, and Ankomah, Ace Ankomah has called for the consolidation of smaller law firms in the country.

Speaking to JOY NEWS’ business leadership show the Executive Lounge, he enumerated the importance of consolidation in the law field and the greater opportunities to be seized when resources are pooled to create bigger firms.

He said, “We need to start consolidation of law firms. Our practices are a bit too small, and a bit too niche, to take on the big work” 

Mr. Ankomah said specialization is important and this can be done through consolidating and pooling resources.

The full episode of Executive Lounge with Managing partner of Bentsi Enchill, Letsa, and Ankomah Ace Ankomah airs on Saturday at 6 pm with a repeat on Sunday at 8 pm on MultiTV on the JOYNEWS channel and on DSTV channel 421.


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