FN Party Expresses Worry Over French Gov’t Legislation Favoring Large Firms

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Earlier on Thursday, the French government announced a plan to reform labor regulations in an effort to give employers more freedom and stimulate the economy.

“The presented text, in fact, is clearly oriented toward labor law that is still more favorable to large companies and not medium-sized and small businesses, contrary to the claims of the government, while at the same time destabilizing employees even more, seriously and without a good cause,” the statement read.

The new project provides employers with more flexibility in negotiations over hours and pay and set a cap for dismissal compensation awarded in a labor court.

The government has reportedly argued that the reforms, on the contrary, give more power to small and medium-sized companies.

France’s second-largest trade union, CGT, intends to strike on September 12, while the country’s largest union CFDT, although disappointed, said it would not be protesting.

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