Keais Records Retrieval : Launches SmartChron™ Web-Based Litigation Management, Enabling Insurance Carriers, Self-Insured Companies and Law Firms to Accelerate and Enhance Records Review

Complete case chronology, review-ready records and easy nuance
identification let firms conduct insightful data analysis, negotiate
more strategically and reduce cycle times.

Keais Records Retrieval today launched SmartChron™, the first data
retrieval solution that gives insurance companies, self-insured
companies and law firms a complete, secure, web-based case chronology of
review-ready records. SmartChron’s proprietary technology replaces the
manual process of data gathering with a user-friendly solution that
delivers data intelligence with speed, accuracy and cost savings.

Two years in the making, SmartChron was developed by a team of data
extraction experts and has been beta tested by members of the legal and
insurance communities.

“Before SmartChron, I would spend hours putting records in chronological
order,” said Julia Bryant, Paralegal – White, Fleischner & Fino, LLP,
who participated in the SmartChron beta testing. “It is innovative and
easy to use. SmartChron is a wonderful product that I trust.”

With the click of a button, SmartChron users easily view data in
aggregate, reducing the time required to chronologically organize a case
from hours to seconds. As a result, legal teams have more time to plan
their strategy and make a greater material impact on the claim or case.
SmartChron’s unprecedented capabilities empower users to:

  • Accelerate cycle time and expedite case resolution
  • Immediately locate desired information using keyword search, the ideal
    alternative to time-consuming manual searches
  • Easily identify nuances in records, pinpoint treatment patterns,
    determine lapses and gaps in treatment, highlight discrepancies or
    missing pages and uncover evidence of drug purchases
  • Stay abreast of new SmartChrons with automated daily notifications
  • Lower legal expenditures, settlement costs and allocated loss
    adjusting expenses (ALAE) by delivering data to all stakeholders in
    real time, so that collaborative decisions can be made faster

“SmartChron redefines the process of claims analysis and decision
making, replacing the inefficient process of organizing paper files for
weeks at a time to prepare the case,” said Steve Schumacher, President
of Keais. “Using advanced data management technologies, including
optical character recognition (OCR), SmartChron can compile thousands of
pages in a single PDF that’s accurate, organizable and insightful. This
higher level of data intelligence empowers legal teams to improve
outcomes, reduce costs and accelerate case resolution.”

From data research and retrieval to intelligence analysis and sharing,
Keais ensures that the exacting requirements of SOC2 compliance are met
or exceeded, adhering to SOC’s information security policies and
procedures set forth for the security, availability, processing,
integrity and confidentiality of customer data.

About Keais

Founded in 1975, Keais is the world’s largest records retrieval company
serving insurance companies, self-insured companies and law firms
practicing medical claims. Keais is a privately-held provider of
technology-enabled data intelligence that empowers insurance carriers,
self-insured corporations and law firms to reduce costs, make
better-informed decisions and accelerate claims resolution. Superior
service, accuracy, and industry leading turnaround times are hallmarks
of the organization.

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