Law firms warned to ‘ignore and delete’ phishing email purporting to be from Supreme Court…  

An email purporting be from the Supreme Court office in Dublin has been received by firms, mainly based in Northern Ireland.

A spokesperson for the Courts Service has confirmed that they – nor the Supreme Court Office – has issued this e-mail.

In the e-mail, which has the subject line ‘Supreme Court (S.I. No691/2017)) – Immediate Action Required ‘, a changed or new statutory instrument is referred to and firms are asked to open a PDF attachment.

They are also asked to provide certain details by this Friday.

The PDF attachment attempts to divert the user to a website outside the jurisdiction.

The Courts Service has advised all lawyers not to provide any details or answer this mail – but to ignore and delete it.

Their IT team is currently examining this mail and gardai are also being notified.

The Law Society and the Bar Council have also been notified.


Following the Courts Service Act, 1998, we hereby call to your notice of a new filing (S.I. No691/2017) needing your firm’s attention.


Further information to this regard is contained in the attached PDF.

You are required to provide the information therein requested no later than Friday, 21st July, 2017.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Supreme Court, Four Courts, Dublin 7.

Tel +353 1 838 6569

Fax +353 1 893 2332


DX: Courts Service Supreme Court Office – 276002 – Gandon Building

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