No licenses yet for Harford medical marijuana firms

No licenses have been issued for medical marijuana dispensaries, growers or processors based in Harford County, but the state’s licensing process is beginning to pick up steam with final approvals granted for a handful of licenses earlier this week during a meeting of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission in Bel Air.

The commission, which has been holding its meetings in different parts of the state, is scheduled to meet again in Bel Air on Aug. 28 regarding more final approvals.

Medical marijuana was legalized in Maryland in 2013 with approval by the General Assembly.

“I wish the process would speed up — you have patients that need it,” state Sen. J.B. Jennings, who represents eastern Baltimore County and western Harford in Annapolis, said. He voted for the legislation four years ago.

Officials will also be mindful of the dispensaries’ proximity to schools and houses of worship, she said.

“We don’t have any plans at this time to alter the zoning code, but of course it’s new,” Mumby said. “It’s new for everyone in the state, so the county executive wants to be thoughtful about the process.”

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