Novus Law LLC Named 2017 InnovAction Award Winner by the College of Law Practice Management

CHICAGO, Aug. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Novus Law LLC has been named a 2017 InnovAction Award winner by the College of Law Practice Management (COLPM) for the development and implementation of Novus Accelerate™, the cutting-edge early case assessment solution. Novus Accelerate accurately provides corporate clients with the story of “what happened” in their litigation faster than ever before. This process enables them to resolve far more matters sooner and less expensively than is possible with the traditional multi-touch process used throughout the legal industry.

The COLPM InnovAction Award recognizes outstanding global innovation in the delivery of legal services, demonstrating to the community what can happen when passionate professionals, with big ideas and strong convictions, resolve to create effective change.

Novus Law also won an InnovAction Award in 2008 for The Novus Process™, making them the first non-law firm to receive this prestigious award, and only the second honoree to receive this award twice in the program’s 13-year history.   

“The College of Law Practice Management, through the InnovAction Program, is pleased to honor this year’s winners for their thoughtful and innovative approach to solving significant problems confronted by many clients,” said Patrick Lamb, founding member of Valorem Law Group and chair of the InnovAction Program. “They join an elite list of prior winners.”

“We’re honored to receive this visionary award,” said Novus Law CEO and Co-Founder Raymond Bayley. “Our corporate clients have told us that if they knew what they were facing in their litigation matters early on, they could make better decisions faster, resolve more matters sooner and significantly reduce their legal operating and indemnity costs.”

To address those challenges, Bayley and Novus Law Co-Founder Lois Haubold created the sophisticated combination of process management, machine learning, statistics, and decision analytics, all driven by a team of talented, self-identified lawyer geeks to create a killer early case assessment solution for the firm’s corporate clients.

The duo will be honored at the 2017 Futures Conference, held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the College of Law Practice Management in Atlanta, Georgia in October. More information about the COLPM InnovAction Program, along with additional details related to Novus Law’s submission can be viewed online at:

About Novus Law LLC: Novus Law finds, documents and delivers the story in litigation, investigations and other large or complex legal matters by examining, organizing and analyzing our clients’ case-related materials – more efficiently, more accurately and less expensively than is possible using traditional legal processes. We apply structured process control, quantitative analytics, advanced technologies and professional management to transform mountains of electronically stored information into work product that our clients and their law firms can use with confidence to pursue their legal strategy. For more information, please visit Follow our firm and our co-founder Ray Bayley on Twitter @NovusLawLLC and @RBayley.

About COLPM: The College of Law Practice Management is a not-for-profit organization formed in 1994 to honor and recognize distinguished law practice management professionals, to set standards of achievement for others in the profession, and to fund and assist projects that enhance the highest quality of law practice management.

About 2017 InnovAction Awards: The College of Law Practice Management continues its global search for ingenuity in law practice management. Designed to inspire creative thinking in a field known for its over-reliance on precedent, the InnovAction Awards are intended not only to identify effective innovation, but also inspire it through international recognition.

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