Security firms press FBI's Comey on pre-Orlando intel

FBI director James Comey faced questions Tuesday about the agency’s handling of the Orlando shooter investigations prior to the day that Omar Mateen massacred 49 people in a Florida dance club June 12.

Comey spoke to a group of security-industry professionals at the Orange County Convention Center, three months and a day after the attack.

The head of the National Association of Security Companies asked why the FBI didn’t inform global security company G4S, which had employed Mateen as an armed security guard at Indian River County courthouse until 2013, that he was on the terror watch list.

“When the FBI is investigating someone, it can be perceived as a little disappointing for that employer not to know that a guy is on the terror watch list, especially if he’s an armed security guard,” said Steve Amitay, executive director at NASCO, when Comey took questions from the audience.

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