Sherra Wright to be represented by law firms with history of winning high-profile cases

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The ex-wife of basketball star Lorenzen Wright faced a judge in Shelby County for the first time Thursday morning, but she didn’t do it alone.

Sherra Wright stood in between her defense team that includes attorneys from two of the city’s top law firms.

Wright’s attorneys asked the judge to push back her arraignment for another month, because they are still working to finalize details.

This is big.

This means Sherra Wright is going after attorneys who have defended high-profile cases and won.

“She’s calm. She understands the proceedings. She’s anxious to pursue representation,” Attorney Farese Jr. said.

Wright’s family contacted not one, but two law firms.

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If all goes as planned, Blake Ballin and Steve Farese Jr. will be by her side throughout the trial.

Ballin and Farese are the sons of Leslie Ballin and Steve Farese Sr. – whose cases include Mary Winkler’s, another woman accused of killer her husband.

Farese Sr. says the cases have some similarities,” Maybe from the high-profile aspect it does, but as you all know, most of these cases are media driven. So we kind of jump in to the circumstances that exist.”

He says once everything is finalized, He and Ballin will help their sons.

“Steve and Blake will take the lead, and we will be there for whatever support and help we can give,” Farese Sr. said.

Both the defense and prosecutors told WREG this will be a tough case, since the murder happened seven years ago when investigators found Lorenzen Wright’s body in a field off Hacks Cross

“Anytime you have a case where the victim is a celebrity or well-known person in the community, the main challenge is to make sure the truth is out here,” Farese Sr. said.

There’s no doubt Wright went after the big names, but Farese and Ballin say her name and the media attention has nothing to do with why they are working on the case.

“This is our job. This is what we do on a daily basis. Sometimes, those cases garner media attention. Sometimes they don’t. That doesn’t factor into whether I take a case or not,” Farese Jr. said.

It’s unclear what the bill for these attorney’s will be.

Farese Sr. and Ballin took on Winkler’s case Pro Bono, meaning she didn’t have to pay anything.

It’s unclear if that’s the case here.

On Feb. 26, we will know if this is all set in stone.

That’s when Wright and the other man accused of Lorenzen Wright’s murder will be in court together.

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