Commercial law programme at MCBS to help meet market needs

In 2014, MCBS launched a new commercial law programme in the department of business and economics. Dr Beverly Baker-Kelly said, “Since there are limited opportunities in Oman to study legally related specialisations, MCBS is filling a void by training legally oriented business students to work in companies or law offices.”

The programme includes key topics in commercial law. Explicitly, the topics include laws in banking, intellectual property, administration, aviation, World Trade Organization as well as cyber law, torts, contracts, evidence, arbitration, legal ethics and a senior programme involving a practicum. Students also receive a thorough grounding in salient aspects of managing a business.

From a legal perspective, they gain an in-depth understanding of the business and the congruent criminal and civil statutes. The medium of instruction is English and all the instructors hold renowned degrees in law and years of teaching experiences at higher education institutions.

When the programme started, it had an initial intake of just 30 students. Since then, its graduate attributes have attracted more students. Commercial law students demonstrate the skills of good negotiation (arbitration), project management, critical thinking and analysis. Currently, the programme has grown in strength with an intake of 105 students. The first batch will graduate in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in commercial law.

This degree qualifies students to pursue careers as legal advisors for public and private organisations, legal researchers or para-legal employees in law firms. With skills in commercial law, MCBS students’ marketability as go-to persons in businesses or corporate settings will be enhanced.

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